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Machine Learning refers to a system capable of the autonomous acquisition and integration of knowledge. This capacity to learn from experience, analytical observation, and other means, results in a system that can improve its own speed or performance.

The Center for Machine Learning (CML) has been established to provide facility for researchers, faculty and students to carry out research, study and develop computer programs and systems that learn and harness the vast amounts of data to solve real-world applications. The Center is actively involved in the development of algorithms and projects in areas such as Medical diagnosis, Bioinformatics, Financials and Robotics.

The center houses a library, computer systems and a host of software tools.  The center has an inter-disciplinary component that includes theories and techniques from Computer & Information sciences, Statistics, Mathematics, Engineering and domain expertise in various application fields. From time to time fundamental as well as advanced seminars and workshops are conducted by the Center.  We work together with both top academic and Industrial partners.